2019 Volvo S60 T8: Design, comfort and Specs

To say that the new Volvo S60 T8 is a historic turning point for Volvo is obvious. This new Volvo S60 is indeed the first vehicle from the Swedish manufacturer to be launched only as a plug-in hybrid version in France. It is also the first production to come out of the all-new plant in Charleston, USA.

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We discovered our mount of the day, a superb VOLVO S60 T8 Rechargeable Hybrid (Twin engine as indicated on the trunk acronym).

It’s a good surprise, this engine still develops 390 hp and even 405 hp in its Polestar Engineered version. This engine is based on a 2-liter 4-cylinder Turbo developing 303 hp on its own and is supplemented by an 87-hp electric motor, all backed up by an 8-speed Geartronic automatic gearbox.


Question Style, we find all the very successful codes of new Volvo productions: headlights “Hammer of Thor”, fluid and sharp line. Long and low, this Volvo S60 T8 is particularly elegant.

Unlike its German competitors, this Volvo S60 T8 is very well equipped as standard. The large 9-inch screen allows you to control the entire entertainment system with the same efficiency and simplicity.

The Swedish brand also has a very good idea of launching a “Volvo On Call” smartphone app, which allows you to control your vehicle remotely (load control, heating, or air conditioning or to simplify the alert to services rescue…).

The interior is very well finished and very elegant with a mixture of particularly refined materials. As usual, we feel incredibly good in the seats with perfect comfort and support.

On the road, the first word that comes to mind is « hushed. »

It feels like traveling on a sofa, in total comfort and perfect soundproofing. This Volvo S60 T80 goes from electric to thermal mode with incredible smoothness. Where it is surprising is when you press the accelerator … oh yes, the 390 are very present, it grows strong. This is where this car leaves you with a strange feeling: do you need that much power in a Volvo S60? You have 3 hours to work on this issue!

If the behavior remains super reassuring and efficient thanks to the 4-wheel drive, the weight of this Volvo S60 remains very present and the sedan is a little « clumsy » on the small laces of the Marseille region.

What is very interesting about this Volvo S60 T8 is the mode that allows driving in 100% electric. In this mode, the car has a range of 50km, more than enough for city trips for example!

2019 Volvo S60 t8

Hybrid micro?

What is a micro-hybrid? You take a heat engine, you associate a converter, a very small electric motor, and an 8-volt battery … and you get an « electrically assisted » engine which saves fuel and reduces CO2 emissions.

At the wheel, there is no difference with a thermal version. The car is never 100% electric and everything happens imperceptibly. This version deserves a long-term trial to appreciate the contribution of micro hybridization daily.

At the time of the choice, this S60 is positioned very well compared to its premium competitors. With a price starting at 59,900 euros, it’s almost 400hp and its interesting equipment, it risks tipping the scales at the time of the final choice especially since it does not undergo an ecological penalty.

Volvo S60 Practicality and Boot Space:

  • The lodge is open front and back
  • The boot is helpfully huge, as well
  • The foot-worked electric boot lid

Minimal cantinas aren’t most popular for being liberally measured inside, yet the Volvo S60 excels on this score. It’s very huge contrasted and opponents, for example, the Jaguar XE, and has a relatively long wheelbase, which implies that space is liberal in the front and back seats – include an all-encompassing rooftop and you make it airier inside.

The limit is 442 liters of baggage space, which puts it on a standard with the Audi A4 (480 liters), BMW 3 Series (480 liters), Jaguar XE (450 liters) and in front of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class (335 liters). It has a wide boot opening and low stacking tallness, which makes getting to all the S60’s accessible space simple. The back seat overlay (alternatively), and that expands the length of the boot altogether.

Without hands, boot opening is fitted as standard to each Volvo S60. You simply kick your foot underneath the back guard and the boot lid will open. Inside the lodge, there are two or three modestly estimated cup holders, in addition to under the armrest an all-around measured capacity region including USB associations, and a 12-volt attachment. Backstopping sensors come as a major aspect of the bundle of all S60s, while a 360-degree camera framework is discretionary.

How sheltered is the Volvo S60?

  • Full five-star crash-test score from Euro NCAP
  • The class-driving measure of security unit fitted as standard
  • Volvo is driving the path with standard-fit highlights

Even though the Volvo S60 hasn’t been tried by Euro NCAP, its sister vehicle, the V60 bequest has, and it scored profoundly to be sure. Volvo has customarily driven the path in security tech, and the Volvo S60 is no special case. It accompanies a City Safety set-up of crash shirking helps that incorporates Automatic Emergency Braking, which cautions you if an impact is likely and will naturally apply most extreme slowing down power if essential.

It additionally accompanies Oncoming Collision Mitigation, which identifies and responds to vehicles going towards you, assisting with dodging impacts with approaching vehicles. All adaptations of the Volvo S60 additionally accompany Run-rough terrain Mitigation and Run-rough terrain Protection, which help forestall the vehicle incidentally running off the street and ensure the vehicle’s inhabitants should this be unavoidable.

Another propelled security help is Steering Support, which can give an extra controlling contribution to assist you with maintaining a strategic distance from an article in a crisis. This works between 37-87mph and helps steer the vehicle securely back onto its roadside should it accidentally move from its path into the way of an approaching vehicle.

Fundamentally the same as all other new-age Volvos inside.

Volvo S60 Interior and Comfort:

Inside, it resembles most contemporary Volvos, which isn’t amazement, given how all around planned the fundamental engineering is. The dashboard is perfect and highlights a high community reassure with some huge cubbies and flawless enumerating like jewel knurling on switchgear like the starter and drive mode select wheel. You sit low and covered between the high place comfort and thickly-cushioned entryways – it’s cozy and welcoming.

A single word of note in case you’re thinking about scaling back from the bigger S90: it’s not exactly as extravagant in here as its bigger cousin, with more prominent territories of hard plastic and less beautifying trim on the entryway boards. The head of the dashboard is produced using quite modest and scratchy plastic.

Fundamentally the same as all other new-age Volvos inside

Volvo’s representation style 9.0-inch Sensus infotainment framework overwhelms, with an iPad-like convenience to it. One analysis we would make is that it has close unlimited quantities of menus and submenus and it can require a significant period to discover the thing you’re pursuing.

There’s a lot of wellbeing gear accessible including the most recent adaptation of Volvo’s semi-self-governing Pilot Assist framework that steers, slows down, and quickens in-path for you for brief timeframes. Another tech like cross-traffic alert, path takeoff cautioning and a unit like run-rough terrain relief and approaching path moderation all components here, as well.

Front seats are super-steady, and are one-sided towards significant distance comfort, while the back is roomier than the ebb and flow BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. This pleasantly supplements the vehicle’s loose and laid-back manner.

2019 Volvo S60 t8

Is it a comfortable yet-energetic cantina?

  • Indeed, even on large wheels, ride comfort is noteworthy
  • This is a vehicle tuned for significant distance comfort
  • Seats are steady and multi-movable

Even though Volvo unmistakably charges the Volvo S60 as a games cantina, we’d state it’s been proficiently set-up because of solace. In the R-Design Plus structure, you get an entirely firm ride, however, it has noteworthy damping and great body control as velocities rise, which implies that even though it doesn’t have a super-delicate ride, neither will it container you on unpleasant streets. We’d look at that as a decent outcome in a market segment that is loaded up with vehicles that will in general be one-sided towards energy. It rides superior to an S90 without the costly versatile damper alternative.

Engines, drive & performance:

The Volvo S60 T8 Twin Engine renditions offer, on paper, something other than a competition with module cross breed adaptations of the Mercedes C-Class and BMW 3 Series cantina with regards to execution; as far as sheer speeding up, the T8 is up there with the most remarkable models in each range.

The back wheel BMW 3 Series is extensively viewed as the devotees’ decision in its group, on account of its sharp, responsive feel. Paradoxically, the Volvo S60 T5 and module half and halves are ostensibly front-wheel-drive (like an Audi A4), with the electric engine giving the extra capacity to the back wheels when essential in the crossbreeds. Nonetheless, the back wheels never get as much force as those at the front.

At the point when we drove a North American-spec S60 T8 Twin Engine, we found that its arrangement doesn’t accomplish an incredible same feeling of parity and balance as the BMW – or less significantly, the Mercedes C Class. The directing is exact and certainty motivating, and the suspension works admirably of keeping the vehicle level, however, push it sufficiently hard and the S60 is inclined to understeer.

Lifting off the quickening agent permits the vehicle to recover, and doing this doesn’t cause oversteer in corners as it may in a back wheel drive vehicle. That is mostly on account of the amazing measure of grasp the S60’s enormous tires bring to the table and halfway gratitude to the footing gave by the electric engine on the back hub.

The module mixture’s batteries and electric engine include an extra 200kg of weight contrasted with a petroleum S60, which requires a firm suspension arrangement to keep body slender under control. The petroleum S60 T5 rides all the more delicately yet don’t corner any more awful.

For the individuals who need the sportiest S60 module half and half conceivable, there’s a Polestar Engineered rendition. In addition to the fact that it has an extra 14bhp, it has a significantly stiffer ride on account of dampers from Swedish execution specialists Ohlins, of motorsport distinction. There’s additionally halting force, as well, on account of Brembo brakes.

Changes for the Polestar rendition don’t exactly gel with the Twin Engine arrangement like you may trust – it’s fantastically quick (0-62mph takes simply 4.2 seconds), yet the motor doesn’t sound especially great or have the energizing character of the BMW or Mercedes. The suspension is likewise excessively hardened in its industrial facility arrangement, and keeping in mind that you can alter it physically, doing so requires lifting the cap to get to the front dampers and raising the vehicle to turn the dial on the backs.

2019 Volvo S60 t8

Volvo S60 plug-in hybrid reliability:

While assessing the feasible unwavering quality of the S60, it’s urging to take note of that the Volvo XC60 SUV – with many shared parts – came a great sixteenth in the 2019 Driver Power study, with a high score for dependability.

Albeit neither the S60 nor V60 was propelled in an ideal opportunity for the latest review, total scores over the Volvo go mirror that proprietors were content with the wellbeing highlights of their vehicles, while many praised the brand’s infotainment frameworks.

Volvo S60 safety:

The Volvo S60 scored five stars on account of free specialists Euro NCAP, with an amazing 96% in the grown-up tenant insurance classification.

Just as the physical quality of its vehicles, Volvo is additionally among the top brands with regards to driver help and crash-relief innovation. Volvo’s Pilot Assist framework is one of the most developed on offer. It consistently joins path keeping help and versatile voyage control to follow the vehicle ahead while staying inside a checked path out and about.

Each model has an independent crisis slowing down as standard, just as all the typical required highlights, for example, automated stopping devices, strength control, and tire pressure alerts.

source: carbuzz

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