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British luxury carmaker New Rolls Royce Phantom 2020 introduced the flagship Phantom 8th generation sedan. A unique model, produced for 92 years, continues to set the stage in the segment where wealth and brilliance dominate. The new Rolls Royce Phantom from 2020, in the footsteps of its predecessors, is ready to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers, focused on modern design, state-of-the-art technology, and maximum comfort.

The company is widely recognized as an ultraluxurious coachbuilder for ultrawealthy folks, and the Rolls Royce Phantom 2020 represents the entry point into that esteemed crowd The presentation of the novelty took place on July 27 in London and the car will be on sale in early 2020.

The starting price of the New Rolls Royce Phantom 8 on the UK domestic market is set at around 400,000 pounds (about 31, 2 million rubles). The model will be produced exclusively in the body of the sedan, which means a rejection of Coupe and convertible formats previously available.
Rolls Royce Phantom 2020 Specs & Dimensions.

Quick Specs:

Gas Mileage:12 mpg City/20 mpg Hwy
Engine:Twin Turbo Premium Unleaded V-12, 6.8 L
EPAClass Large Cars
Style NameExtended Wheelbase Sedan
DrivetrainRear Wheel Drive
Passenger Capacity5
Passenger Doors4
Body Style4dr Car
Transmission:Transmission 8-Speed Automatic (8HP70)

The modernization of New Rolls Royce’s flagship product did not result in any overall changes to its external appearance. However, all types of revolutions are initially contraindicated by such status cars. Also, in the technology of change, more than enough, and they start with the most important – the platform.

Especially for the new Rolls Royce Phantom, the British have developed a “Chariot” entirely of aluminum, simply called Architecture of Luxury. The modular platform, designed from scratch, will become the product of domestic consumption only and will form the basis of all future New Rolls Royce Phantom models, including the Cullinan crossover.

The body of the New Rolls Royce Phantom 2020, unlike the previous version, is manufactured by a carrier. It is designed constructively for the universal use of aluminum and its alloys, which brings the necessary lightness and strength to the frame. Thus, torsional rigidity has increased by 30%.

A significant gain was also observed in the weight characteristics, but only a large mass of attachments leveled it. As a result, in the equipped condition, the sedan began to weigh a little more than its predecessor – 2625 versus 2550 kg. Curiously, the sound insulation materials alone were “tightened” at scales of about 130 kg, but the benefit of their application was quite noticeable – the acoustic floor inside had improved by 10%.

The external dimensions of the eighth “New Rolls Royce Phantom 2020” differ somewhat from the dimensions of the 7th generation bodywork. The wheelbase reduced to 3552 mm. As a result of the adjustment, it was 5762 mm, whereas it was previously 5 839 mm (difference – 77 mm).
These figures refer to the usual version of the Rolls Royce Phantom, but there is also a long-term variation of the EWB. Its length and inter-axis distance are respectively 5962 and 3752 mm. As for the other sizes, they both coincide in both versions: the width of the body is 2020 mm (+29 mm) and the height of 1646 mm (+8 mm).

Rolls Royce phantom 2020 interior

Exterior and interior design:

If you put several seventh and eighth-generation cars, the difference between them will only be taken into account if you look closely at the details. Prompt immediately to look at the false radiator and the optics of the head. The grille, covered with vertical decks, is now part of the body and is made of polished stainless steel by hand.

It is slightly raised compared to the previous position, with its crowned, from the upper part of the grille, a thin strip of steel forms the edges of the hood and surrounds the frame of the windshield.

Updated calendar design:

New Rolls Royce Phantom’s headlights have acquired new graphics and more advanced optical fill. Besides LEDs, laser-phosphor blocks have been prescribed here, providing a brightness range of up to 600 meters.
The profile of the novelty has well-known proportions with an extended horizontal hood, a short front and long rear overhangs (with proportions of 1: 2), a characteristic corrugated elbow, a powerful rear pillar, vertical like chopped.

The side glazing frames and door handles are finished with the same hand-polished steel, the wheel arches have record-size 22-inch rims with 255/45 R22 rubber. Also, a noticed nuance is that a special layer of foam is applied to the inner surface of Continental tires, which guarantees a noise reduction of 9 dB compared to conventional tires

2020 Rolls Royce Phantom exterior

Silhouette of the model:

New Rolls Royce Phantom 2020 Salon as a whole has retained the old architecture, but without slight adjustments, designed to refresh the interior space, still does not have. First, the front panel has slightly changed, the upper part is called the manufacturer “gallery”. It’s a combination of hidden elements under a single pane of glass, including a 12.25-inch retractable center screen of a multimedia system, and a traditional analog clock.

The architecture of the interior:

Information and entertainment complex Rolls Royce Phantom meets all modern multimedia requirements: navigation, Wi-Fi hotspot, gadget integration via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces. An interesting feature is that the system is controlled by a swivel washer installed on the armrest pad. This arrangement is similar to the novelty of the previous generation, which also borrowed the original three-spoke steering wheel, round deflectors for ventilation, a climate system block with practical temperature regulators.

The doors of the New Rolls Royce Phantom 2020 luxury sedan are powered by an electric motor like the super Alfa Romeo Stelvio and traditionally open to each other. The buyer can choose from five variants of a double or triple row configuration. Available variants include separate recliners, classic seats with folding armrests, and seats with a fixed center console. The number of amenities exceeds the limit – there are heated seats and armrests, electric seats for adjustment and ventilation, folding tables, folding screens, a cupboard for drinks with a refrigerator, and glasses.

One of the layout diagrams of the second row In the case of the updated model, the most advanced electronic assistants, such as collision alert, traffic range monitoring, and departure alert, active cruise control, pedestrian detection, traffic control, traffic, night vision system, four cameras.

Technical specifications of the New Rolls Royce Phantom Ghost 2020:
The heart of the new Rolls Royce Phantom 2020 will be the old 6.75-liter V12 unit, which survived a thorough upgrade. As a result, the engine received two turbochargers and a new “stuffing” technique (pistons, connecting rods, etc.). Following the changes, the engine power has increased to 571 hp. (460 hp before) and 900 Nm (instead of 720 Nm).

The company’s engine will be an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission. Such cooperation allows a massive acceleration of the sedan to 100 km / h in just 5.3 seconds, while the “maximum” of the vehicle is limited to 250 km / h. Enhanced engine 6.75 V12. The new platform involves the use of a dual-lever front suspension and a multi-link rear suspension. The chassis is equipped with adaptive dampers and air springs that can change the damping characteristics and the position of the bodywork.

Also, the active control system, called Magic Carpet Ride, sends signals to the suspension aspect based on the readings of a stereo camera mounted under the windshield. The engineers made sure to increase the handling of the car in close urban conditions by providing a rotating rear axle.

Pricing and Which One to Buy:

Vehicle: $452,750

Broadened Wheelbase: $494,925

One doesn’t just pick a Phantom—or any Rolls-Royce so far as that is concerned—off the vendor part. No. These vehicles are worked to the demanding necessities of the tycoons and very rich people who can manage the cost of them and are frequently modified down to the last detail. We won’t start to propose which unique request alternatives merit including because, well, what might we know? We would, be that as it may, recommend jumping on the Extended Wheelbase model to exploit its limousine-like back seat legroom.

Efficiency and Real-World MPG:

To coordinate a Phantom proprietor’s obvious utilization, the vehicle has a significant inclination for expending fuel. The EPA’s efficiency gauges run as low as 12 mpg city; even though the Phantom’s 20 mpg roadway rating bests the littler Rolls-Royce Ghost’s by 2 mpg. On the off chance that we ever are sufficiently fortunate to get the opportunity to get the Phantom through our 200-mile expressway mileage test, we’ll update this story with test results.

Wellbeing and Driver-Assistance Features:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) very likely won’t perform crash testing on the Phantom because of its low deals numbers and out of this world sticker price.

Its bewildering exhibit of discretionary tech incorporates night vision and a particular laser-light framework, however Rolls-Royce likewise offers progressively everyday driver-help highlights, for example, forward impact and path takeoff cautioning as standard. Key wellbeing highlights include:

  • Standard forward impact notice
  • Standard path takeoff cautioning
  • Accessible versatile journey control with night vision

Guarantee and Maintenance Coverage:

  • Like the Cullinan SUV and the Dawn convertible, the Phantom Rolls-Royce’s four-year/boundless mile guarantee and support bundle as standard.
  • Restricted guarantee covers 4 years or boundless miles
  • Powertrain guarantee covers 4 years or boundless miles

Complimentary upkeep is secured for a long time or boundless miles Boot Space:

The past Phantom’s boot was one of the not many territories of the vehicle to come in for analysis, estimating only 460 liters. Moves Royce has tuned in, because the new model sees this develop to 548 liters, which should make it simpler to convey even enormous bags. It’s effectively large enough to put the 443-liter boot of the Bentley Mulsanne in the shade, yet pick a five-seat Range Rover and there’s a comfortable 784 liters of room.

Moves Royce Phantom reliability:

While it’s an all-new model, the reality the past Rolls-Royce Phantom was amazingly solid ought to be extremely consoling. The equivalent is valid for the reality the Phantom is the consequence of endless long stretches of plan and building expected to make it unequaled among engine vehicles, with no cost saved.

Not at all like standard models, every vehicle is remarkable, wrapped up by hand and experiences an over the top arrangement of checks to guarantee the most extreme quality has been accomplished, before the client ever even looks at it.

source: millermotorcars

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