2019 Nissan Qashqai Redesign Model

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Nissan Qashqai Diesel HD

It’s one of the interesting upcoming vehicles among SUV’s category. This automobile has many advantages such as modern and stylish appearance, more or less powerful engine and really low price compared with many other representatives of SUV. But you should not expect that this one will be one of the top vehicles. This car has beautiful exterior. The automobile is high and formidable, especially its front grill. But if you will look to many other SUVs, you will probably see that 2019 Nissan Qashqai doesn’t seem too hard. No, that […]

Dodge Ram 2018 Review Interior and First Photos

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New 2019 Dodge Ram Test Drive On Road HD

It’s a full-size pickup track that is an interesting variant for people, who like to mix the job with relax and tourism. 2019 Dodge Ram is a universal car because of its comfort, space of its trunk and some off-road characteristics. Unlikely you will find something more appropriate for the job. This vehicle has strong formidable exterior with powerful wheel discs and tires, imposing front grille and unforgettable front side in general. It’s long and high vehicle that makes it more resistant to some hard conditions of road and more […]

Redesign 2019 Chevrolet Sonic First Photos

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New 2019 Chevrolet Sonic Specs Features HD

This is a very harmonious and lovely sedan and hatchback that is appropriate for many people with different feeling of style and aims. 2019 Chevrolet Sonic is one of the best solutions as simple street vehicle for cities and good country roads because of its optimal characteristics for such category. The car has wonderful exterior that can impress many people: beautiful smooth shapes of the body, elegant wheel discs, interesting front lights… The front grill has subtle unusual shape. A back side of this vehicle is typical for model like […]

Sport Car Price in USA McLaren 570 Specs Review

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Prototype Specs McLaren 570 HD

This vehicle will surely not be one of the cheapest variants among the category… But 2019 McLaren 570 is a luxurious vehicle and such automobiles never cost small money. After all, this vehicle has indisputable advantages that absolutely justify its high price. The exterior is just great: it’s a vehicle with a silver color of body and really aggressive sporty shapes. This model is really low, although the cabin is spacious enough. The wheel discs here are not less elegant than other appearance. Black color of the roof makes the […]

New Maserati Alfieri Sport Car Price in USA

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Maserati Alfieri Engine Perfomance HD

It’s actually interesting and impressive vehicle with sporty design and constitution. This one could achieve many wins on the tracks among its competitors because of new technologies and optimal using of previous development solutions. This low Maserati Alfieri has truly sports aggressive exterior. The main color that we can see now is grey, the dark shade of it. It’s a right decision because it could create for many people an impression that this car is not modest, but just restrained; and there is even hard to guess, how much power […]

2019 Honda Pilot New Interior and Images

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New 2019 Honda Pilot Exterior Changes HD

This is a middle-sized SUV with elegant design and multifunctional controlling. 2019 Honda Pilot is a car for people, who want to purchase an automobile once and forget about any changes in such sphere, of course, except technical support, when it’s necessary. This automobile is universal, so it’s appropriate as for job, as for some other everyday deals and, after all, for so or another kind of relaxing. The exterior of this vehicle is not actually formidable, but it’s subtle and elegant. This car will probably be interesting for people, […]

2018 Jeep Yuntu Rumors and Price in USA

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New 2019 Jeep Yuntu x2 Review HD

It’s an interesting SUV Jeep Yuntu that can impress many people because of its universality. Well, it’s surely not one of the best representatives of category, but the car is surely worthy for, at least, paying attention thanks for all its advantages. It’s hard to say now, how many people will appreciate the appearance of the new car. Designers used brave solution about the color and central part of the body is motley grey. But the front and back sides are black. In general the appearance of the model is not […]

SUV Jeep Compass Release Data in USA and Images

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Jeep Compass Wallpaper for Mobile HD

This upcoming vehicle could impress many connoisseurs of SUV, because this car has so many advantages! One of them – it’s really practical and universal that is not the thing, you can usually meet in SUV. 2019 Jeep Compass is such representative of category, which can claim to equilibrium in everything. The exterior here is formidable and strong. It’s really impressive because of big and serious front grill, large and, at the same time, subtle wheel discs, typical appearance in general… In the one word, this car is implementation of […]

Review Ford EcoSport Release Date In USA

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New 2019 Ford EcoSport Redesign HD

It’s a middle-sized SUV that has interesting elegant shapes and impressive potential. No, 2019 Ford EcoSport is absolutely not one of the top representatives among its category, but this model can rejoice you by comfortable driving and subtle appearance. An exterior of this car is impressive, because it’s a more or less big and high vehicle with formidable front grille and lights, nice wheel discs and stylish design in general. Maybe it’s not something extraordinary, but the automobile corresponds to the all standards of modern car’s beauty. The interior here […]