The greatest 2003 Ford Visos Concept

From the outset of the project, we wanted to make a vehicle that incorporated clean, elegant lines and dramatic proportions that conveyed its purpose and character. Using Active Surfacing, we were ready to hide the aerodynamic aids normally related to high-performance cars and only turn them when required. This retains the purity of Ford Visos purposeful exterior shape without compromising its performance potential.

When the driving force selects Sport mode it initiates a series of changes to the outside, the inside and to the performance characteristics of the car. Externally, this leads to the deployment of the front splitter, the rear diffuser and therefore the rear spoiler. In Comfort mode the vehicle doesn’t necessarily require equivalent aerodynamic assistance then these devices are retracted into the body.

Regardless of the operating mode, the aerodynamic aids are deployed automatically at 90 kilometers per hour.

Active Surfacing is additionally evident in integrated door cameras that fold flush into the door panels when the vehicle has been pack up. When the engine is started the cameras automatically rotate out of the door surfaces. The camera imaging system provides a transparent rearview and it features blind-spot detection to warn the driving force if it’s not safe when changing lanes. When the car is parked the cameras retract into the car’s bodywork, ensuring that they’re fully shielded from dirt or damage.

The front lights use a mixture of various technologies to make a particular light graphic that’s a key design signature for the face of the car. it had been vital to the team that the car has a robust presence on the road, even in the dark, which it had been identifiable.

Paul Campbell, designer, on Ford Visos:

The inside of ford Visos is full to the brim with technology and innovation. My favorite part, though, is that the sculpted instrument pod mounted on the wheel. It consists of an outsized analog circular dial flanked by two customizable LCD panels. this is often another design element that demonstrates the twin personality with displays that will be either performance-orientated or luxury-inclined.

We have loaded up the within of Ford Visos with useful technology. Yet it’s designed to be accessible to people that aren’t technically minded. Most of the traditional dials and switches are replaced by a high definition LCD monitor within the center console. this enables easy, central control and assessment of all vehicle functions.

The LCD panels and monitors utilized in Visos are Sony screens that incorporate next-generation LCD technology, which provides improved contrast and brightness.

We partnered with Sony to include state-of-the-art electronics technology into Visos. Ford also worked with Biganimal Design, London to explore new ways to display and interact with information on the LCD screens. The result’s systems that are intuitive to use, yet allow full control over all aspects of the car – from in-car entertainment, like DVDs, to the GPS Navigation system and therefore the climate system . the within of Visos is simply as exciting as its outside.

Ford Visos
image source: supercars

Ford Visos interior in detail:

At the push of a button, the within of Ford Visos can change from a laid-back saloon, into a sports car. The lighting, soft and calming in Comfort mode, can turn brighter, more purposeful – while the seats automatically reshape to hug your body. The wheel slides closer to the driving force, and therefore the angle of the seat adjusts to a more sports car-like position. The instruments switch to Sport mode supplying an array of data to suit the keen driver and therefore the gearshift is deployed from the center console to work the sequential shifter on the advanced ASM transmission.

Push the button again, and you’re back in Comfort mode. Gentle lighting is resumed and therefore the seats are restored to a more comfort-orientated configuration. This defines the adaptability of the Visos and its ability to configure itself for 2 distinctly different driving modes.

Passenger needs also are fully catered for with the front passenger seat offering a full, first-class recline mode and an extending footrest. With the front passenger seat in non-recline mode, the Visos provides adult-sized individual rear seats divided by the full-length center console that runs from the control panel through to the rear bulkhead. Mounted on this console, between the rear seats, are dedicated controls for the rear seat audio/visual entertainment systems.

Ford Visos programmable characteristics:

I miss tinkering under a car’s bonnet. After all, many folks are real car enthusiasts, and enthusiasts will always appreciate having more control,’ says Chris Hamilton, Visos Exterior Designer.

With Ford Visos, Ford is welcoming the enthusiast back under the bonnet. An LCD monitor, mounted to at least one side of the engine, displays the present set-up. By plugging a laptop pc into a USB port, next to the LCD monitor, the user can change settings that control such attributes because of the dampers, rev limiter and far more.

Users can even download preset configurations from a fanatical Ford server on the web, or swap setting files with other owners.

Visos is powered by a 6 cylinder bi-turbo engine. it’s an influence output of 350 PS, and 400 Nm of torque is out there. The engine is mated to a 6-speed advanced ASM transmission, driving all four wheels.

Ford Visos exterior in detail:

Ford Visos has classic coupe styling, with a sharply curved C-pillar, like the long-lasting Capri. The B-pillar is hidden behind tinted glass, giving the side-view a smooth, uninterrupted flow. The A-pillar is sharply raked, according to coupe styling. Two intake vents are situated on the rear three-quarter panel, while 20-inch wheels fill out the lightly flared wheel arches.

The uninterrupted side glass is matched by the highest surfaces of the car to offer an appearance almost like a futuristic aircraft cockpit. The windscreen, the roof and therefore the rear screen blend into one, incorporating at the rear the deployable aerodynamic spoiler and within the roof the retractable panels that give quick access to the rear seats.

From the rear, Visos sports wide shoulders, accentuated by angled horseshoe-shaped taillights. a 3rd stoplight is mounted within the rear hatch. This light also accommodates additional cameras for rear visibility. A recessed number plate housing echoes the lines of the rear hatch, while two chrome-tipped exhaust pipes hint at the car’s performance potential.

The front of Visos consists of a deep air dam, with twin air intakes that reflect an equivalent design because of the exhaust pieces. A narrow grille with a chrome surround sits above the air dam.

An inverted version of the taillights is utilized in the front Ford Visos, with a blue strip of sunshine surrounding the composite LED headlamp behind a transparent lens. The bonnet slopes gently from the nose to the windscreen, with a pair of crease lines that run into the front lights.

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