The New Infiniti Q50: Specs and Price

This sedan has something to rejoice the connoisseurs of this brand. If you like modern impressive sedans you should pay attention at this vehicle, because 2019 Infiniti Q50 has many characteristic advantages that mark it among many other modern and upcoming variants.

The exterior of this Infiniti Q50 can impress because of its stylish elements such as elegant front grille with a middle size, wheel discs with subtle pattern from details, good palette of black and silver colors, where black is a dominating one. A back side of the vehicle is less impressing than front side, but, of course, it is stylish in accordance with their appearance.

What is inside of the model? You can see here an implementation of beautiful feeling of style. The front seats here have elegant upholstery as back ones. The color of them and the color of the biggest part of the interior is light shade of grey. It’s a good solution, because this color is harmonious with silver elements of exterior. Also, the black dashboard and steering wheel are really catchy among such light environment.

Infiniti Q50

The model is demonstrating really impressing behavior on the road. You could enjoy as some low speeds, as some high ones. Actually, it’s one of such vehicles that are appropriate for everyday calm driving and driving in a racing style in suitable places for it, for example, on some racing tracks.

A local engine can produce a capacity of 268 horsepower and torque of 280 lb-ft. It’s really good characteristics for the car that is not some kind of sport automobile. That is probably one of the best advantages of the vehicle, because it makes this car universal.

You can see this model soon, because it could come in a first half of 2018 year. Well, the price for it will not be small: basic packaging-arrangement will cost approximately 39,900 American dollars and most perfect variant will cost about 56,400 American dollars.

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