The Fantastic 2019 Mercedes-Benz E450 Wagon

40,000-Mile Wrap-Up:

Around these parts—OK, in our minds—present-day E450 Wagon park on a similar platform as legitimate exotics. We barely reconsider when a Mercedes-Benz E-class vehicle pulls up close to us at a stoplight. Be that as it may, an E-class wagon? What inspires the aches of jealousy and aching. In our inner being, this current E450 Wagon long-rooftop shape is a definitive image of unnoticeable car utilization.

That Mercedes has continued contribution a wagon form of its medium size extravagance vehicle in the U.S. this long is praiseworthy. In this specialty, however, little deal volumes are balanced by the rich socioeconomics of its purchasers. Mercedes says that, in the U.S., the E-class E450 Wagon proprietor has among the most noteworthy normal family unit salary of every one of its clients, equaled distinctly by that of G-wagon purchasers. What’s more, different automakers are getting on.

Contestants from Volvo, Audi, and even Jaguar have filled the extravagance wagon section to the point that we had the option to lead a three-vehicle examination test in 2018, which the Mercedes won. The six-chamber variations of the E-class lineup likewise earned a spot on our 2018 and 2019 10Best records. A 40,000-mile long haul relationship would test the profundities of our affection for the E wagon.

“Ride and body control in this vehicle is perfect. Great, truly.”

Eric Tingwall, print executive:

A dim blue 2018 Mercedes-Benz E400 4Matic wagon initially appeared at our doorstep in May 2018. A couple of months after the fact, with a little more than 7600 miles on the odometer, we left it at our nearby Buffalo Wild Wings where the pointy corner of a moving truck tore a slice down the traveler’s side almost as long as the vehicle itself.

We most likely ought to have known not to stop such an honorable vehicle at such a déclassé foundation, but instead than rebuff us for this deplorable episode, Mercedes reacted by conveying a substitution. We got another dull blue E-class wagon in September, its new E450 Wagon identification indicating a 33-hp increment from its twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6 for the 2019 model year.

While we had shown some limitations in preparing our unique vehicle, we put it all out there the second time around. On the E450 wagon $65,195 beginning value, we included about $24,000 in alternatives, including such decadent additional items as kneading front seats, warmed armrests, delicate close entryways, and even the Acoustic Comfort bundle with thicker glass and additional sound protection.

The beige-and-golden Designo upholstery alternative with Nappa calfskin, differentiate sewing, and a more pleasant main event represented $4900 of the $89,175 as-tried cost. While the perfect lodge merited each penny, we came to lament the light-hued inside as our rottenness gathered with the miles.

The E450 Wagon cruised through its stay with us with nary an unscheduled excursion to the vendor. In any case, our wallets got fundamentally lighter at whatever point we visited our nearby Benz store for customary upkeep. Four booked administrations—one every 10,000 miles—totaled $1895, a royal total that is particularly grievous given that some extravagance brands incorporate routine support for the initial not many visits.

The V-6 motor’s exhibition was sufficient that we once in a while lamented bypassing the fearsome Mercedes-AMG E53 S and its 603-hp V-8. Our 4462-pound all-wheel-drive wagon rushed to 60 mph in under five seconds and conveyed easy force through a satiny nine-speed programmed transmission.

Its normal mileage of 22 mpg coordinated the EPA’s joined gauge as well as our long haul Infiniti QX50’s normal utilization, despite that littler and lighter hybrid’s imaginative variable-pressure proportion four-chamber motor. Also, the E’s enormous 21.1-gallon fuel tank empowered noteworthy cruising range, with a couple of drivers surpassing 500-mile interstate stretches between fill-ups.

Drifting along in the peaceful solace of the E-class’ opulent lodge ends up being an alleviating, practically restorative experience. Things being what they are, nothing facilitates the pressure of a cool, dim frigid drive very like sitting in a rubbing seat with your arm bolstered by a delicately warmed armrest while a supple suspension absorbs the most noticeably awful stretches of Michigan’s horrendous streets.

And keeping in mind that the E-class may not urge you to hustle through corners, it’s a more than able handler, supported by its good 0.91 g of a grasp on the skidpad and short 70-to-zero-mph halting separation of 152 feet (however both those numbers deteriorated when we tried the Mercedes with 40,000 miles on the odometer).

We valued the wagon’s lower focus of gravity contrasted and the numerous SUVs in our drawn-out armada that we normally depend on to ship our children and pets. Its handy yet tasteful milieu was an invite help from the tedium of lifted suspensions, tall body styles, and dark plastic cladding. There is a liberal 35 cubic feet of load space behind the back seats and up to 64 cubic feet with them collapsed level.

Also, in the fabulous custom of station wagons, there’s even a lot of back confronting bounce situates that overlay out of the freight floor. We affirmed that they can oblige two children when there’s no other option or a solitary grown-up C/D staff member who will endure a touch of uneasiness on a snappy lunch hurry (to anyplace other than Buffalo Wild Wings, obviously).

Revealing the imperfections of the E450 Wagon took some genuine burrowing, even from our happy band of nit-pickers. One driver disagreed with the little directing wheel-mounted section shifter, and another felt abandoned after the seat massagers naturally deactivated following 15 minutes of unwinding. The Comand infotainment framework underpins the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay telephone reflecting frameworks, yet the absence of a touchscreen makes it to some degree cumbersome to work them; drivers must utilize the focal control handle to choose symbols.

These first-world issues did little to reduce our deference of this rich, exquisite transport. The Mercedes loaned a feeling of event to commonplace drives and served to lift uncommon occasions with its quality. Staff editorial manager Eric Stafford enrolled the E450 Wagon as a major aspect of an arrangement to propose to his loved one. Afterward, look into proofreader Beth Nichols made a point to tie down the keys to the wagon for her wedding. That is genuine affection.

Our drawn-out assessments are, at their center, a trial of whether that new-vehicle sparkle holds up or dulls after some time. Our fondness for the E-class wagon just developed the additional time we went through with it. This is one of only a handful, not many occasions you’ll discover us saying that 40,000 miles weren’t sufficient.

E450 Wagon
image source: carbuzz

Flies off the handle:

This makes driving unwinding. It’s calm, strong, and supple, with an inside that equals those of $200,000 vehicles. — Tony Quiroga

Mercedes fair size wagon is such an invite alleviation from the ambling SUVs I for the most part wind up in at whatever point I’m covering significant distances. — Eric Tingwall

I mentioned the E-class wagon for my wedding end of the week—that is the amount I love it. — Beth Nichols

In reality, as we know it was such a significant number of vehicles are making a decent attempt, I love the certainty spoke to by the E’s sluggish second-gear begins and every so often floaty body control. — Dave VanderWerp

30,000-Mile Update:

We’ve said it previously and we’ll state it once more: station wagons are superior to SUVs. Our long haul Mercedes-Benz E450 Wagon keeps on demonstrating this as it exceeds expectations at apparently every assignment we toss its direction. We’ve presently passed the 30,000-mile mark, and the whole C/D staff concurs that this vehicle is much sportier and similarly as utilitarian the same number of assumed game utility vehicles.

The E-class wagon has 35 cubic feet of load room behind the back seats and up to 64 solid shapes with the back seats collapsed. (It even has a back confronting the third column of seats that brings absolute seating ability to seven). Editors have occupied this space up with all way of things, and all wonder about the way that the E450 Wagon consolidates this down to earth nature with dynamic greatness and magnificent extravagance.

Senior editorial manager Eric Tingwall said he generally signs out SUVs for long excursions with the goal that he can bring along his “superfluously tremendous” hound box, yet it fit fine and dandy in the E450 Wagon for an outing he took to Chicago. He spouted about the fact that it was so ideal to be driving something lower to the ground, “The ride and body control are perfect in this vehicle. Great, truly.”

Research proofreader Beth Nichols admirably saved the vehicle for her wedding end of the week and flaunted that she had the option to accommodate her wedding dress, endowments, and a couple of long bits of copper pipe for a chuppah with a lot of space to save. Also, boss brand official Eddie Alterman commented how effectively the E450 Wagon dispatches awe-inspiring mountain streets even with a full heap of gear toward the rear.

This wagon even can go rough terrain—kind of. Street test editorial manager Charlie Dryer used the vehicle’s flexible air suspension when he experienced some two-track soil streets in northern Michigan. Who needs a Jeep when you can delicately navigate the unfriendly landscape in comfort with the E450 Wagon when its suspension is completely raised for additional ground leeway?

In Europe, Mercedes-Benz even sells an adaptation of the E-class wagon called the All-Terrain with a suspension lift and some additional body cladding, in the vein of contenders’, for example, the Volvo V90 Cross Country and the Audi A6 Allroad. We’re okay with the more tasteful, unblemished form that Mercedes-Benz sells here.

A moderately costly visit for the Benz’s 30,000-mile booked support depleted our wallet of $333 and incorporated an oil change and a few examinations. In any case, the E450 Wagon experiences been altogether difficulty-free, and its normal fuel mileage has remained consistent at 22 mpg, spot on its EPA consolidated rating.

20,000-Mile Update:

The fundamental issue a significant number of our editors have with our drawn out 2019 Mercedes-Benz E450 Wagon is that they don’t get the opportunity to drive it as frequently as they’d like. More than some other long-termer in our armada, this delicious Benz has been popular since it shown up. Those staff members who to this point had been in a tough situation inappropriately encountering the E-class are simply getting the chance to catch a night in it as its odometer passes the 20,000-mile imprint, and they have a few comments.

Duplicate manager Beth Nichols was excited to at last get her opportunity in the E-class wagon. She generally spouted over the vehicle however found a nit to pick: in the wake of setting up her seating position, she saw that the controlling wheel mostly darkened the check group. She at that point conceded this was a “first-world issue,” given the, in any case, luxurious air that infests the E450 Wagon lodge.

Driving the E-class merited the sit tight for aide online proofreader Daniel Golson, as well. He was very complimentary by and large however disputed how we spend our E wagon. While opening that we ought to have picked the Luxury Styling appearance bundle with its hood decoration and additional chrome, for a progressively customary look, he likewise mourned that the 2019 E450 Wagon isn’t accessible with the Piedmont Green Metallic paint offered on the 2018 E400 wagon (our own is done in Lunar Blue Metallic).

Making the selfishness a stride further, he at that point communicated pity that the United States is denied the inline-six–controlled AMG E53 wagon that our neighbors in Canada are sufficiently fortunate to get. Given that Mercedes offers U.S. purchasers the benefit of purchasing the 603-hp AMG E63 S, we’re imagining that whenever he’s lucky enough to drive our E450 Wagon, Golson needs to call up the 1969 Rolling Stones hit “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” which would without a doubt sound extraordinary on the E450 Wagon Burmester sound framework.

After his chance in the E450 Wagon, print executive Tony Quiroga offered some wise counsel that nearly appeared focused at the eager for AMG Golson. “For the individuals who don’t get the intrigue of a Benz, drive this vehicle. Still don’t get it? Hold up a couple of years, develop, and there’s no uncertainty this vehicle and its marginally lethargic elements will bode well.”

We would prefer not to curse anything, given what befell our last E-class wagon, however, this E450 Wagon has seen smooth—if to some degree expensive—cruising through the primary portion of its test. At a 20,000-mile planned upkeep visit, our business played out an oil change, supplanted the lodge air channel, pivoted the tires, flushed the brake liquid, supplanted the wiper cutting edges, and examined the vehicle. This rang up a bill of $704, more than twofold that of the E450 Wagon 10,000-mile administration.

10,000-Mile Update:

Our drawn-out 2019 Mercedes-Benz E-class wagon carries a feeling of event to our every day lives. We feel extraordinary at whatever point we drive this tasteful E-class, and the functional emanation that its long roof body adds to the condition just makes it simpler to appreciate. With a hair more than 12,000 miles on its odometer, our drivers have over and again applauded its front-seat comfort just as its strong feeling of straight-ahead on longer treks, including side trips from Ann Arbor to Chicago and back.

Furthermore, because of this Mercedes ventures such style and prosperity, we likewise will in general hold the E-class for our most uncommon excursions. At the point when collaborator purchaser’s guide editorial manager Eric Stafford required a vehicle for an outing to northern Michigan to propose to his better half, the E450 Wagon was the conspicuous decision (and in case you’re pondering, she said yes).

Stafford revealed that he and his life partner “appreciated each moment spent in it,” however we’re certain the energy of the committee contributed to some degree to this impression. The vehicle’s tallness customizable air springs proved to be useful for the glad couple as they explored unplowed blanketed streets, as did its 4Matic all-wheel-drive framework and Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 tires.

The main issue they experienced was with the vehicle’s detached section work, which can be conflicting, some of the time requiring the driver to physically open the entryways with the key dandy. Another driver saw that the framework is by all accounts delicate to where the key is with the rest of your personal effects when coming to open the entryway, noticing that the entryway opened all the more dependably with the key in a front pocket instead of a back pocket or a tote.

Another logbook analyst saw stockpiling cubbies as lacking, as filling the front cupholders with cups obstructs the conveniently measured canister situated behind them. Nothing increasingly noteworthy has come to pass for the E450 Wagon, with its lone seller visit being its 10,000-mile administration, which incorporated an oil change and a few investigations for a genuinely steep $253.

Our normal efficiency has remained reliable at 22 mpg, which coordinates the EPA’s consolidated gauge. The huge 21.1-gallon fuel tank implies that we can without much of a stretch go 450 miles between fill-ups, and 500 or more mile spells are close enough at parkway speeds—our record so far is 521 miles on a solitary tank.

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