2018 Suzuki Jimny Diesel Offroad Test

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SUV Suzuki Jimny 2019 HD

This is really hard and formidable SUV that looks really more serious and strong that many other representatives of such category. 2018 Suzuki Jimny is one of the most hardcore crossovers that you ever saw. Its performance could inspire even those people, who don’t like such vehicles in general. The exterior here is really special. It’s a consequence of straight square shapes that somebody could call even harsh. Everything is formidable here, since massive wheel discs and front grill till lights and mirrors. Although all details look hardcore separately, they […]

2018 Suzuki SX4 SUV New Interior Design

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Suzuki SX4 Engine Perfomance HD

This is a really intersecting SUV because its size is small. There are not many cars in the world that has such overall dimensions. Because it’s a compact representative of the car’s category, you should remember about it while looking at characteristics. 2018 Suzuki SX4 surely doesn’t need such power that bigger competitors. There are not too much brightness and luxury in exterior here. The automobiles seem interesting and lovely, but absolutely not catchy. Smooth shapes, stylish front and back lights, simple, but subtle wheel discs… Everything in this vehicle […]

New Infiniti Q50 Specs and Price

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2019  Infiniti Q50 Turbo HD

This sedan has something to rejoice the connoisseurs of this brand. If you like modern impressive sedans you should pay attention at this vehicle, because 2019 Infiniti Q50 has many characteristic advantages that mark it among many other modern and upcoming variants. The exterior of this vehicle can impress because of its stylish elements such as elegant front grille with a middle size, wheel discs with subtle pattern from details, good palette of black and silver colors, where black is a dominating one. A back side of the vehicle is […]

2019 Mazda CX-3 SUV Interior Pictures

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New 2019 Mazda CX-3 Review HD

This car will rejoice the connoisseurs of Impressive SUVs with elegant design. If you want to purchase some convenient vehicle for all situations in the life, you should pay attention at 2019 Mazda CX-3 because of many advantages such as stylish appearance, powerful engine and comfortable cabin’s interior. The exterior of this automobile absolutely not seem formidable. It looks subtle because of shapes. Especially successful is a front side that has interesting smooth lines that will be pleasant for people with good feeling of style and similar preferences. Wheel discs […]

2019 Lexus ES 250 Concept US Price

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2019 Lexus ES 250 White HD

This automobile has beautiful sporty appearance and similar characteristics of engine. Actually, 2019 Lexus ES 250 does not look as aggressive, as some other models look. But its dynamical characteristics will be impressive for many people who like speed and good controlling of the automobile on the turns. The exterior here is not very strong part. Well, it seems subtle enough, but it’s not really catchy or luxurious to call it perfect. Well, not the all people like some bright appearance of the vehicle. There are many connoisseurs of modesty […]

2018 Lexus RC Turbo Sport

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Exterior Redesign Lexus RC HD

This sporty vehicle will be one of the most interesting cars among its category. You can understand that this is a vehicle for high speed while just looking at the model: the shapes are really appropriate for fast driving and the characteristics of the motor too. 2018 Lexus RC will surely be one of the most popular automobiles among upcoming ones. The exterior here is really great. Although this car is some kind of sport variant, it looks really luxurious. All shapes here are modern and even futuristic. The smooth […]

New Lexus GS Hybrid Sedan For USA

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New 2019 Lexus GS Hybrid Release Date HD

This car is a representative of sedan’s category. The model has some advantages that could impress the connoisseurs of comfortable and more or less fast cars. 2019 Lexus GS Hybrid has powerful engine, at least, if you would compare it with other models in category. It’s hard to say much about its appearance, but it surely will seem great. You just can look at the shapes: right aerodynamical body that the automobile has is appropriate for fast or at least faster than usual speeds. The exterior here has not some […]

New Subaru XV SUV Interior Photos

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Subaru XV Turbo Concept HD

This SUV could impress many connoisseurs of this car’s category. There are many advantages that 2019 Subaru XV has. One of them is good equilibrium between price and positive features of the vehicle. This car is one of the most interesting variants among upcoming vehicles of category. The exterior here seems bright and catchy, but not too much. The automobile looks serious because of grey color and strong wheel discs. It doesn’t seem formidable, the best word to describe its appearance is “imposing”. The shapes of the model are smooth […]

2019 Mitsubishi Outlander GT Price USA Market

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New 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander GT Wallpaper HD Desktop HD

This crossover is compact enough that is one of its distinctive features. A small size of the SUV makes this vehicle is really appropriate for people, who want to drive a car of such category, but they don’t appreciate big overall dimensions. Of course, if you like or need large spacious crossovers, this vehicle is not for you. The exterior of 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander GT is really interesting, because, on the one hand, it’s a small SUV, but, on the other hand, this automobile looks really formidable and serious. How […]