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New 2019 Porsche Macan Turbo Crossover in USA

New 2019 Porsche Macan Turbo Crossover in USA

In 2013, Porsche began producing a compact crossover, similar to the small Porsche Cayenne, this car was the Porsche Macan 2019.

The appearance of this crossover is attractive, it will in any case not be left without attention on public roads. We can observe the relief hood, the optics here are very similar to their older brother. The optics here are xenon, it looks chic, but according to some, there is not enough aggression. Here, a massive, aggressive, aerodynamic bumper with a large radiator grille, fog-shaped rectangular headlights and air intakes for the front brake discs. Since this is a sports crossover, its rear-view mirrors are mounted on the foot. The glasses have a chrome border.

The rear part also got a smart LED optics of an interesting shape. The trunk lid received a large spoiler at the top, which has a small brake light.

The model has in its lineup a considerable number of power units, each of which is offered in a separate configuration.

The basic unit is a turbocharged gasoline engine in volume of 2 liters, which produces 252 horsepower.

Next comes the turbocharged diesel engine Porsche Macan. This V6, which at a volume of 3 liters gives 245 forces.

Now we go to the gasoline V6 with a turbine, here 3 liters, and the power is 340 forces.

One of the most powerful engines is a petrol V6 with a 3.6-liter turbine, which produces 400 horses.

The salon is made of very high-quality materials: excellent leather and real carbon. Controls of automobile systems are made according to the calendars of Cayenne. A large number of buttons are placed intuitively understandably and do not cause confusion. Is that at first you have to look for the parking brake switch, which is located above the rear view mirror.

The cost of the car varies greatly, because everything depends on the choice of power unit.

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