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New 2019 Audi Q7 Concept Interior Changes

New 2019 Audi Q7 Concept Interior Changes
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  •    January 25, 2018
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Presentation of the new Audi Q7 2019 took place at the Auto Show in Detroit. Experts and analysts immediately noticed that the model has become more complete and modern in terms of engineering. It is worth noting and modernization of the exterior, as well as some changes in the cabin.

If you look at the car from the front, you can not help but notice the huge hexagonal radiator grille, surrounded by chrome. Also on the powerful bumper are located “squinted” front lights. It is worth noting that, depending on the configuration, will be available xenon and LED “filling” optics. In the lower part of the bumper there are two large symmetrical air intakes. Designers decided to design a practical multifunctional trunk and a rear bumper, a little interior in elegance. At the tailgate, the small rear window and modern optics fit harmoniously.

The interior of the automobile is simply mesmerizing. When you first see him live, you will understand what is being said. Due to changes in the size of the car, the developers managed to make the interior larger and more spacious. In the most capacious configuration, the car can simultaneously accommodate 7 people. But in the standard configuration, all 5 passengers can enjoy comfort. The creators of the Q7 2019 decided not to load the panel and the center console with a lot of different buttons and switches and gave preference to minimalism and compactness, but this did not diminish their clarity and multifunctionality. The dashboard and touch screen are deployed at a special angle, relative to the driver, to reduce driver’s distraction from the road, while manipulating the instruments.

The main power unit is a turbo diesel with a capacity of 3 liters, capable of producing 272 horsepower. The basic gasoline engine, is also a 3-liter power unit, with a capacity of 333 horsepower.


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