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Fiat Scudo 2019 Redesign Interior Photos

Fiat Scudo 2019 Redesign Interior Photos
  •    Fiat
  •    February 11, 2018
  •    AUTOF1SAD
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The new model line Fiat Scudo 2019 includes a large number of passenger versions with a number of seats from 5 to 9 and a long or short wheelbase, intended for both professional and private use.

The salon of the new model is a symbiosis of the practicality of a light commercial vehicle and the comfort of a passenger car. For example, the defining element of the front panel design is practical, but on it there was a place for stylish detail, brings to mind a sports car. The interior was incredibly spacious and at the same time elegant. It uses quality fabrics and finishing materials.

Seats of the second and third rows are folded, shifted and even removed, so the internal layout of the model can be transformed in accordance with the most diverse wishes of customers. A new car is easy to manage even in the busiest urban traffic flow, and the comfort provided is comparable with the best minivans. The car features the highest level of security. To begin with, it can be noted that all models of the line are equipped with an exceptionally efficient braking system

The new model is an expressive and stylish car. The design of the front part is characterized by an ideal combination of such qualities as strength and dynamism, enclosed in a massive bumper and elongated headlights. The massive bumper in the front of the car can be painted in body color, fog lights are built into it. Directional indicators are integrated into the headlights with transparent diffusers, and the elongated shape of the headlamps emphasizes the dynamism of the appearance of the new car.

The 2.0-liter 120 Multijet engine develops power of 88 kW (120 hp) and a maximum torque of 300 Nm. Unique feature of the turbodiesel engine Common Rail is the Multijet system of the second generation. As a result, more smooth operation of the engine in all modes is achieved, outstanding elasticity and quick reactions.

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