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Dodge Ram 2018 Review Interior and First Photos

Dodge Ram 2018 Review Interior and First Photos

It’s a full-size pickup track that is an interesting variant for people, who like to mix the job with relax and tourism. 2019 Dodge Ram is a universal car because of its comfort, space of its trunk and some off-road characteristics. Unlikely you will find something more appropriate for the job.

This vehicle has strong formidable exterior with powerful wheel discs and tires, imposing front grille and unforgettable front side in general. It’s long and high vehicle that makes it more resistant to some hard conditions of road and more stable.

Of course, compared with some luxurious big vehicles, this one has not such spacious cabin. The last one is more or less compact, but there is enough volume to feel comfortable. The dashboard and all other elements of control made helpful and stylish.

This vehicle is one of the best variants for people, who like such category of cars. Everything is harmonious here, since stylish and practical design till comfortable and multifunctional cabin with four seats. This automobile could be appropriate for family.

One of the available engines is V-6 with volume of 0.95 gallons, 269 lb-ft of torque and 305 hp of power. The other one unit has volume of 1.51 gallons, 410 lb-ft of torque and 395 hp of power. It’s absolutely enough for such kind of automobile.

The model will arrive on the global market in March of 2018 already. The range of the price will be since 27,000 dollars for version with Single Cab and since 53,000 dollars for five-seater cabin. It will be surely one of the best representatives among the category.

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