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2019 Acura MDX SUV Release Data in US

2019 Acura MDX SUV Release Data in US

It’s a practical SUV that has many advantages. One of them is a spacious and comfortable cabin, where you can feel yourself excellent. 2019 Acura MDX is a good choice for the off-road trips with a family or alone, because every detail here is appropriate for it.

The model’s exterior looks great, but not too much catchy. That’s good, because it’s a SUV after all, not a luxurious sedan for parties and ceremonies. The back side seems strong and typical for car’s category and the front side looks even subtle because of smooth and soft shapes.

Designers used black and brown colors in the interior. Well, this combination does not contribute to visual space, though cabin seems spacious enough. Comfortable steering wheel is combining with multifunctional, but practical dashboard with a middle-sized screen.

Both of interior and exterior here is absolutely suitable for SUV. You can see a strong car with grey exterior, typical wheel discs and spacious convenient cabin. It’s hard to imagine a best vehicle for a family to the all situations in the life: since ordinary everyday deals till country trip.

The base engine here will be the V-6 with 0.92 gallons of volume. It will produce 267 lb-ft of torque and 290 hp of power. The hybrid version could have an engine with the same type and volume but with 289 lb-ft of torque and 321 hp of power. These characteristics seem enough for such vehicle.

The release date is still not clear, but it will probably not be earlier than middle of 2018. It’s possible to guess that price of the model will start since approximately 45,000 American dollars. This SUV will surely become one of the best representatives of the car’s category.

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