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2018 Opel Astra Interior Pictures and Specs

2018 Opel Astra Interior Pictures and Specs
  •    Opel
  •    February 11, 2018
  •    AUTOF1SAD
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The car of a small number from popular German concern Opel Astra 2018 is known all over the world. The manufacturer did not wait for the official presentation of the new car and revealed the secrets of the technical characteristics of the novelty, thereby giving the opportunity for fans and future buyers to get acquainted with it, to evaluate the changed appearance and interior from photographs.

The design of the new car is very attractive, the designer decided to attract a large number of young buyers to the hatchback, through giving it an aggressive look. On the front panel is a large number of LED lights, which run along the entire length is not a broad band.

Matrix optics with the help of an electronic unit examines the information from the camera and translates the extent and activity of the light stream in accordance with the situation on the track and finding other machines on it.

The side panels of the model are very similar to the previous models. The big wheel arches are a plus. To give the car a sporty style, the exterior mirrors were mounted on a small foot. On the upper edge of the glass there is a chrome edging.

A weak motor, based on cubature, is a three-cylinder engine with gasoline, which also has a turbine. Its volume is liter, the power is 105 horses.

Another variation of the engine is represented by a volume of 1.4 liters. The engine is atmospheric and can deliver no more than 100 hp.

The third type of motor is identical to the previous one, but with a turbine. Its power is 125 horsepower.

If we talk about the space inside the interior, then it remains the same, it’s not so much. The quality of the material from which the interior will be made, according to the company’s representatives, will be at a high level. The driver will be offered a three-spoke steering wheel in leather braiding, with a large number of buttons for the multi-function system. Behind the steering column there is a dashboard.

The company offers the lowest price for a basic set of 17,000 euros.

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