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2018 Lexus RC Turbo Sport

2018 Lexus RC Turbo Sport

This sporty vehicle will be one of the most interesting cars among its category. You can understand that this is a vehicle for high speed while just looking at the model: the shapes are really appropriate for fast driving and the characteristics of the motor too. 2018 Lexus RC will surely be one of the most popular automobiles among upcoming ones.

The exterior here is really great. Although this car is some kind of sport variant, it looks really luxurious. All shapes here are modern and even futuristic. The smooth lines of this vehicle are contributing to racing, because air will not affect too much on fast moving object.

The interior here is also good enough. It doesn’t have a tremendous diversity of different functions, but everything that is located in the cabin is useful and really practical. Well, you will not find some big luxury inside the car, but it’s not a place for such features. After all, this automobile is one of the sporty vehicles.

Both of interior and exterior contain style that you could never met before. Designers from company tried to create really elegant sport car that will not only demonstrate some impressive characteristics on the road, but a vehicle with subtle esthetic appearance, which some connoisseurs could call luxurious. It’s hard to combine sporty destination and such exterior.

The model has V-6 engine with volume of 0.92 gallons. The torque here is 277 lb-ft and capacity is equal to 307 horsepower. This is absolutely enough for such vehicle. These characteristics are appropriate to its other components.

The price of the car will be really different. Basic packaging-arrangement will be approximately 49,000 American dollars, but the highest price will be already about 86,000 American dollars. Unfortunately, the release date is still not clear.

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